The Quebec CDEC promotes a global and integrated approach to the economic development of the community based on the cooperation, mobilization and participation of all actors in a community. It takes on the great challenge of addressing all facets of personal and community living, as well as private and institutional life.



The Quebec CLD mobilizes and unites individuals and communities, reinforcing entrepreneurship and contributing to a local development that is sustainable, profitable and fair, both socially and economically.


The Concertation montréalaise femmes et emplois majoritairement masculins

Promotes access, support and professional development for women in mostly male-dominated occupations on the Island of Montreal through the mobilization of strategic partners around key issues, in order to implement concrete action plans.


Women’s Centre of Montréal    

The mission of the Women’s Centre of Montréal is to provide services to help women help themselves. To accomplish this mission, the Centre offers educational and vocational training, information, counselling and referral services.


The Centre d’appui aux communautés immigrantes

The mission of the CACI is the socioeconomic integration as well as the total and complete participation of immigrants within the host society. Its goals are individual autonomy and the prevention of social exclusion and poverty. It offers a multitude of services and programs, both to the individual and the community.



The Centre d’intégration au marché de l’emploi (CIME) is a non-profit organization with a mission of integrating women in all spheres of the labour market, namely in prospect and non-traditional occupations, as well as seeing to their job retention and training.



Emploi-Québec's mission is to contribute to job creation and the development of a workforce to fight against unemployment, social exclusion and poverty, in order to better serve Quebec's economic and social growth. Both public employment and social solidarity services fall under the purview of Emploi-Québec. Their actions are rooted in the conviction that employment is the best way to reduce poverty and ensure the financial autonomy and social integration of persons who are fit to work. Emploi-Québec believes that the greater the participation of Quebeckers in the labour market, the greater chances of success in meeting the challenges that low growth and an aging population pose to Quebec’s economic development, and consequently affect the standard of living.



The FEMMESSOR NETWORK plays an important role in all areas related to member promotion, representation, communication, and cooperation. The network helps member organizations harmonize their actions, strengthen their image, facilitate recognition, and increase their accessibility to women entrepreneurs.



FRONT contributes to the advancement of education by offering training and workshops, as well as referral and mentorship services to ease the integration into the labour market of Quebec women who work or would like to work in non-traditional occupations.


Place Rive-Sud

PLACE Rive-Sud (PRS) offers assistance and coaching services for all individuals 16 years of age or more, who wish to improve their job prospects and who reside in Longueil.


Prix Femmes d’Affaires du Quebec

Uniquely a Quebec initiative, this annual contest reinforces women’s excellence in the corporate world and contributes to their success. As such, it recognizes Quebec women who stand out due to their expertise and social skills, their achievements and influence in all spheres of the Quebec economy, both nationally and internationally.


Réseau des carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec (RCJEQ)

RCJEQ has made it its mission to unite, support and represent Youth-Jobs Centers in order to develop, promote and defend orientations adapted to the needs of local communities with the help of its members, so as to promote the individual, social, economic and professional autonomy of young adults.


Réseau M (Entrepreneurial Mentorship)

We are a non-profit organization actively engaged in furthering the development of entrepreneurial culture as a preferred means of ensuring Quebec’s economic and social growth.

This entrepreneurial culture calls upon the values of autonomy, creativity, responsibility and solidarity that we support. To fulfill this mission, we join with actors in the political, social and economic spheres, as well as educational and community institutions who share similar goals.