Become a Partner

The advantages of becoming a partner:

  • Opportunity to showcase your business card along with a short description of your services in order to promote and market your business;
  • Opportunity to make yourself known during our various networking events throughout the year;
  • Opportunity to establish business connections in the construction sector, in solidarity;
  • Opportunity to encourage the presence of women on the construction fields and thus improve teamwork;
  • Various conferences, workshops, activities and tailor-made forums offered throughout the year;
  • A network where you could make yourself known, offer suggestions and ideas to improve the presence of women in the field of construction. Annual cost: $250.00 (valid upon receipt of payment).

If you would like to make a payment in cash or by cheque, please notify us at

  1. Please note that necessary corrections to the text you provide may be made prior to its publication.
  2. Please note that in the event of a returned cheque, you will be responsible for any bank fees.
  3. Please note that your information will be posted online upon receipt of your payment. There are no refunds for registration to the virtual directory.
  4. Please note that you must notify us of any changes to your information. 


Are you a member of a corporation, trade association or group related to the field of construction?


250,00 $ / year.